Sharing my Club kiosk web app

A while back, I decided to address an issue we were having in my gliding club: Paying for food and drink was too much of a hassle, requiring marking a piece of paper or, alternatively, messing with coins.

I decided that a smartphone app was the way to go to address this. Instead of wasting precious hours making 3 native smartphone apps, I decided on a cross-platform solution using the jQuery Mobile framework.

Now having been available to the members of my gliding club north of Copenhagen for the past 6 months, the usage of the app exceeds my expectations and user feedback is positive. Another Danish gliding club has recently expressed an interest in implementing the app in their club. Realizing that the app may be useful for many clubs worldwide with similar requirements, I decided translate all Danish strings to English and put the source code on Sourceforge (there’s also a live demo):

If you decide to use this in your club, I’d love to know. Leave a comment!



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