3 responses to “Alternate login for Drupal 7 – “the Drupal way”

  1. Hey. Acrtually this is exactly what i’m searching for. And it’s also supposed as loginvariant for my club. But is this solution in dependancy to the alternate login module or not?
    Or i’m doing something wrong at this late hour %)

    • This code shouldn’t have any dependencies to other modules (and certainly not the original “Alternate login”). I’ve updated my post to include the .info file (which would contain dependencies, had I declared any).
      All you should need for the code to work:
      1. Manually create the field “field_alt_username”
      2. Copy the module files to /sites/all/modules/alt_login_nsf (or whatever you choose to call the module).
      3. Activate the module under “Modules” in Drupal GUI.

      I highly recommend recommend replacing dd(…) with watchdog(…) logging for production use. This will let you see the actions of the module right in the Drupal administration “Reports” section.

      • Ah there the bunny is running. Thx al lot. i think i have to do some additional coding, but in the end the plan is to feed the user-data from an existing database or file. So your way is really exacly what i was searching for. Especially because i can also use field permissions this way. Didn’t wanted to code an own module. But realised i have to somehow. Maybe this will result in some other funny Drupal-Modules.

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